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The world talks about freedom of speech but never about how precious it is. Your speech, your words, your arguments, and your opinion is priceless and so, it needs a perfect platform to be recognized and rewarded with. We at Opinio Quest are an online survey panel maintained by a group of experts IT professionals, economic masterminds and prolific sampling experts. There is no company in today’s era that doesn’t require pre-requisite research on their products, the market and what the people think about stuff. We simply cater to their demands by introducing surveys for the people who can complete it and earn money in the process. We have completed a million surveys as of now and are hopefully looking forward to achieving the billionth mark with you.

We have designed the survey in a way that our committee ensures absolute honesty and transparency. Every time you complete a survey, your opinion affects a product’s future and reputation and hence, for the betterment, a new service is born to serve you. In turn for your precious time for sharing an opinion, we reward you with swashbuckling money as a token of thanks from our team.


By the way, what are Online Surveys?

Honestly, a way to make your opinion and knowledge get recognized. It is simply a way to collect the opinion of the world regarding a product or a topic, which would be employed in its betterment.

A few years ago, you'd be asked by some random agent off the street to review the products you see. Usually, you'd be preoccupied to even consider stop & hear! So with our new advanced age, it was unavoidable that another way must be found by the business' to discover what individuals truly want and what new services they need to introduce. Since there are simply such a large number of organizations out there that need your opinion, sites such as Opinio Quest, have been made with the goal that assessments can be accumulated and individuals can be taken care of and compensated for time they share their review and at the same time, get rewarded for the same.

Do we spam your inbox?



Spamming is a sin & we are all about authenticity. When you register yourself, you can actually choose the days of the week in which you seek our survey notification and the topic you’d like to take. However, do make sure you complete it within the given deadline or else, you might just be chasing after a zero reward.